We will be organising some followup workshops from selected speakers, generally on 28th October. The cost of workshops is additional to your registration for 27th October.

Management 3.0 Workouts


Jurgen Appelo is bringing his Management 3.0 Workout 1 day workshop to Australia for the first time. Based on his new book Management 3.0 Workout. available for free, Dare Festival is pleased to announce that the workshops will be held in:

Melbourne – 28th October

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Sydney – 30th October

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In the workshop you will:

  • use Delegation Boards to clearly communicate which key decisions areas are delegated to participants, and at which level.
  • pay attention to the Champfrogs Checklist for intrinsic motivation, and evaluate how this can be applied to organizational change.
  • practice making Personal Maps and having Improvement Dialogues that will address the participants and workshops themselves.
  • discuss Salary Formulas as a way of achieving fairness and transparency in organizations.
  • use a Kudo Box to get people to appreciate each other’s contributions, and a Celebration Grid to evaluate the experiments.
  • discuss and explore a Metrics Ecosystem and Problem Time, in order to understand performance and progress.
  • publicly list everyone who contributed to the event with Project Credits and evaluate a product or service with a Feedback Wrap.
  • apply a Merit Money system to allow participants to distribute 10% of the workshop’s profits among themselves!